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Mavic 2 pro battery fall out


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Apr 27, 2017
When the DJI Spark came out, the clips on the first generation batteries were too small, and sometimes, the batteries would fall out. It has since been corrected by DJI, but most of us would fly with this clip on the Spark, since we couldn’t tell easily which generation batteries we were using...

Now that I am upgrading to the MP2, should I still worry about batteries disconnecting in flight?

It seems that there are on this forum reports of sudden loss of control. Even if the batteries may not be the culprit, do I need to put velcro or a rubber band around the Mavic?

I have dozens of hours on the Spark, never had a battery problem, they always locked in securely. You would think the battery was more vulnerable to fall out since it is at the bottom of the drone, but I never heard of that happening to anyone.

If you snap the Mavic battery in correctly, it will never cause a mid-flight power failure. It's people that dont snap in both sides that have a problem. I never use anything to hold Mavic batteries in. I also wouldnt put a rubber band around the drone. It could melt or interfere with the bottom sensors.

It's good to be concerned about things like this, but sometimes if it aint broke, you dont need to fix it.
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I can’t imagine how one of these batteries could fall out, unless you’re doing barrel rolls in sport mode.
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I can’t imagine how one of these batteries could fall out, unless you’re doing barrel rolls in sport mode.

Believe it or not, on a drone with a bottom mounted battery, if a pilot makes it a habit of flying full speed in sport mode, and then jamming on the brakes with the drone rearing up like cobra, a battery could pop out due to G forces.
Just once on my Mavic 2 P I din't get both sides firmly latched. I got it up and out about 20 feet and saw a message about the battery; can't remember the exact warning. I brought it back in and sure enough one side not latched, I was impressed that it sensed it and warned.
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