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Mavic 2 Pro propellors


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Nov 6, 2016
I Have been very impressed generally with the build quality and flight characteristics of my new Mavic Pro 2. However there are a couple of things that people should be aware of.
The new new thin super light and quiet propellers seem to be more fragile than those on the old Mavic Pro. I bought the Fly More combo with the neat bag that holds everything for a days flying. In the past I left the propellers installed on the Mavic Pro and it caused no problems. Although the new bag is slightly larger, because the new propellers are slightly longer, they seem to rub against the bag/body when in the bag. This has caused a slight buckling of the very tips of some of the blades. I have included a couple of photos to show this. This Mavic 2 Pro has not been crashed or even been near obstacles so my only explanation is the storage in the bag. Please check your props and let me know if you are having the same issue.
Jeff Jennings
Jeff Jennings
You have to be really careful, especially when pulling the aircraft out, that the props don't catch on anything and bend.

Might be worth picking up one of those fabric sleeves to put the mavic in. Should help stop the prop tips catching on their way in and out of the shoulder bag.

If it's damage cause by external impacts through the bag then it might be time to sell it and try one of the harder cases (like the one from PGYTech. These don't jam up as hard on the aircraft body like the DJI bag does, while still offering great protection for the drone.

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It is a bit tight storing all batteries, charger, remote and AC in the flymore bag. I too felt the props could deform over time if left on in the bag, so I don't. I store all the props in the front pouch.
I was with the same problem - props are stuck when I put out of bag M2P. Few time actually and then start to remove them from drone. It is not comfortable but is necessary if you want to keep everything save.. I will try to find other backpack for M2P that fib better all staff from Fly more pack
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