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Mavic 3 Pro Gimbal Gain and Expo Settings

Jun 21, 2022
Oxford, United Kingdom
Hi all,

Recently switched out my original Mavic 3 for the Mavic 3 Pro.

However when I came to dialling in my settings, I noticed that when setting the gimbal speed and smoothness for cine / normal / sports modes. It didn't matter what mode I switched to. the gimbal charactaristics would only act on the settings I had inputted for the normal mode, the settings I put in for cine and sports mode just would not carry across when switching to those modes. I even tried extreme changes and every time the gimbal speed and smoothness was stuck on whatever was set in normal mode.

I refreshed the firmware using assist 2 as well as downgrading the firmware and updating via wi-fi using the remote. Ran a factory reset on both the controller and the drone itself. I tested it out on both the RC and the RC-N1 both with the same results.

Tested my Mini 3 Pro with the same controllers and each controller "mode" kept its gimbal speed and smoothness settings when toggling between modes.

Have spoken to DJI, they were very vague and said that it should be sorted in an update sometime in the future...

Has anyone got any suggestions or come across anything similar?

they were very vague and said that it should be sorted in an update sometime in the future...
Thats not cool. but it sounds like their way of saying "oops and we are working on it". I would be interested from other MAVIC 3 owners about their experience. If it is an update thing you just may have to adjust to using the Normal mode for a short time- I would bet you that if DJI has been hearing about this that it won't be very long for the update. DJI will usually wait to release an update until it fixes more than one thing, don't ask me why.
Thanks @Cafguy

Yeah, I know it’s not a problem for everyone, so don’t expect a fix instantly, but the way I like to shoot I often switch between cine and normal depending on what the situation required and for the gimbal movement to reflect that.

So when it’s not working as it should / how it works on all the other models I have had that supported it, it’s super frustrating and hoping it doesn’t get forgotten about.

I haven’t heard any other Mavic 3 Pro users having the same issue, so bit worried that I’ve got a duff drone unit
There was an issue a few months back where the gimbal tilt speed would only respond to what was set in N mode, the workaround was to set obstacle avoidance to "brake" instead of "bypass". Test it in flight.
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I have exactly the same problem with my Mavic 3 Pro and RC.
If I set it up to 100/s in the Sport mode, it doesnt seem to apply. No difference in cine (5m/s) / normal (15 m/s) / sport (100m/s).
The gimball tilts with the same speed configured for "N" mode.
Resetting the aircraft and resetting the RC (incl. factory reset) doesnt help.

Aircraft FW: 01.01.0300
RC FW: 01.03.0600

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