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  1. basyok

    Time stamp bug

    I just noticed this today. Photos get the correct time stamp, but videos get +1 hour. Very strange
  2. Rob Beasley Photography

    Mavic 3 Pro Gimbal Gain and Expo Settings

    Hi all, Recently switched out my original Mavic 3 for the Mavic 3 Pro. However when I came to dialling in my settings, I noticed that when setting the gimbal speed and smoothness for cine / normal / sports modes. It didn't matter what mode I switched to. the gimbal charactaristics would only...
  3. Yaros

    Very buggy experience with Air 2S only one day.

    A strange situation happened with my friend's Air 2S and my Air 2 while we were flying together. Maybe someone can explain why this could have happened. We both turn on drones, put them on the ground, wait for GPS lock, and try to take off. My drone starts to fly away after takeoff, almost...
  4. G

    Camera Bug - Mini 2

    Hi everyone, I just bought a second hand DJI Mini 2. I have 24 hours to say if something is wrong so I made few tests. Evrything is fine except that at one moment, the camera glitched completly during 15sec (when I made the camera looking down). Is this kind of issue common with a Mini 2 or...
  5. C

    RTH altitude above max - nearly lost my quad.

    I believe this is a major bug. But maybe I did something wrong. I flew in an area with a restriction of 60m altitude. Did a hyperlapse. Quad was about 300m away. Was shooting a pier - so quad over the sea. With 4 shots of a 250 shot video to go, I got a battery low warning and offer to RTH...
  6. C

    Android 13 tracking/spotlight/poi issues

    Hard to tell which forum to put this in as hard to tell where the problem lies. Is anyone using Android 13 or a Pixel 7 phone and experiencing issues with any of the intelligent "drag a box" modes? The instant i do that live feed freezes and only updates once every 5-10 seconds. All overlays...
  7. C

    DJI Fly / Android 13 Devices / POI and Tracking

    Anyone else noticing an issue with Android 13 devices (mine is a Pixel 7 pro) and DJI Fly on anything using POI/Active track? Ive replicated this on 2 devices now. Ultimately the second you draw a box to select a target the live feed freezes and receives only jerky updates every 10-15 seconds...
  8. Amit Dunsky

    Firmware v01.00.0300 totally broke 360 pano [resolved]

    Apparently, since the update of Firmware v01.00.0300 , the 360 pano is totally broken! Yes, the skies looks better now at the "dome of the pano" (probably due to the increase of the camera tilt angle), but the frames stitching is now totally broken, rendering the panos unusable. See an example...
  9. J

    DJI software bug surrounding authorised boundaries caused me to lose my drone to the sea

    I'm going to save myself time and link to the reddit thread. I'm hoping some of you can help me out by reading the log and telling me if I have an argument here for a replacement. For ease, the log can be found here: I also...
  10. Yaros

    Anyone having this issue with Litchi Waypoints? It's driving me crazy!

    There is a bug in Litchi's Waypoints implementation that is driving me crazy! The drone gets “stuck” on a waypoint and then starts to fly round it in circles/lines and never proceeds with the mission. Today it happened to me, here is the mission: Mission Hub - Litchi ( Here is the...
  11. Yaros

    Yaw smoothness not adjustable in Normal Mode - Mavic Air 2

    Hello, I have been using the DJI Mavic Air 2 for 4 months now with no issues running DJI Fly 1.4.4 and the yaw smoothness set to around 8, all working well. Yesterday I updated the DJI Fly app to 1.5.1 and the drone's firmware to the newest one (as well as flysafe database...) and after that...
  12. Z

    DJI Fly 1.4.0 creating enormous log files

    I have noticed that the DJI Fly got more sluggish and lagging after the last upgrade. (I'm flying the Mini 2, BTW.) When checking the SD card after a maybe 15-minute flight I found 2 large log files in the /Misc subdir: fc_log.log 512 MB camera_log.log 100 MB The card was freshly formatted just...
  13. C

    BUG: Mini 2 Gimbal Tilt Issues in Sport Mode

    Has anyone had issues with the gimbal in sport mode? It regularly tilts downwards itself but also more frustrating is when banking left or right the gimbal doesn't level with the horizon and instead tilts on an angle left or right depending which way I'm banking. It's not a constant issue but...
  14. W

    Litchi Bug(?): Gimbal Interpolate doesn't work when flying at slow speeds

    Hey guys, I've been scratching my head about this for a while thinking it was pilot error but I'm starting to think it's either a bug or just a hardware limitation. I've been using Litchi to film timelapses using the waypoint feature. Typically I'll just have a two point mission with only a...
  15. W

    Bug in Litchi 4.1.0

    The pause button is working in FPV and waypoint mode when using the Litchi app. It is not working in Follow me mode with the Mavic. When you want an emergency stop in the Follow me mode you need to use the P switch. Unfortunately found out the hard way by flying into a tree. Did some test...
  16. Achilles

    Mavic No Longer Taking RAW+JPG Pictures

    Hi Team, Over the last week, I've noticed that even if I set the camera settings to RAW+JPG, when I look at the images on my memory card, I only have jpg pictures saved. Anyone else experiencing this? thank you in advance