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  1. W

    Litchi Bug(?): Gimbal Interpolate doesn't work when flying at slow speeds

    Hey guys, I've been scratching my head about this for a while thinking it was pilot error but I'm starting to think it's either a bug or just a hardware limitation. I've been using Litchi to film timelapses using the waypoint feature. Typically I'll just have a two point mission with only a...
  2. W

    Bug in Litchi 4.1.0

    The pause button is working in FPV and waypoint mode when using the Litchi app. It is not working in Follow me mode with the Mavic. When you want an emergency stop in the Follow me mode you need to use the P switch. Unfortunately found out the hard way by flying into a tree. Did some test...
  3. Achilles

    Mavic No Longer Taking RAW+JPG Pictures

    Hi Team, Over the last week, I've noticed that even if I set the camera settings to RAW+JPG, when I look at the images on my memory card, I only have jpg pictures saved. Anyone else experiencing this? thank you in advance