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Mavic 3 Pro zoom question

Quick Answer:
M3P has Three fixed Lenses.
1x (digital zoom to 3)
3x (digital zoom to 7)
7x (digital zoom to 28)
The zoom from 1-28 will be simulated (by Digital Zoom) - but the quality will only be Best when the next camera switches over... ie at Zero digital zoom of each Lense - Ie 1x lense, 3x lense and the 7x lense - (WITH NO DIGITAL ZOOM)
Dig zoom - never looks good.

So Lense 1x zoomed to 3x will look terrible (pixelated) compared to Lense 3x (with no dig zoom) - which will be Crystal Clear.

BTW the 3x Lense is by all accounts one of the finest iv used on a Mavic .

So for PHOTOS - its BEST to use Each Camera - in its (unzoomed state)

Also its advisable to use the full Resolution (4K-5.1K) of the CAMERA when Shooting. (For Post Edit)

Hope this Helps
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