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Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 pro for photography


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Oct 3, 2018
To recap, one of the main reasons I got the Mavic 3 is to stitch the tele cam, but I also had to go through 3 drones before I got a good wide angle cam which I now have. I am going into my second week here in Iceland and it has been truly phenomenal to fly and shoot with. I brought 6 batteries but the most I seem to be able to go through per day in finding slots in between wind and rain are 3-4. The drone is also competing with 46MP mirrorless bodies that have a focal range of lenses serving 14mm to 600mm.

Wind actually seems to play a bit of havoc with the main cam, I think it just gets “out-gimbald“ at times when the shutter speed is lower than 1/200th and the winds aloft are likely above 15-20MPH...but not all the time? It gets a bit softer in the corners in those conditions and in calm-ish air it does much better if not perfect. I also seem to do best when I touch the screen to focus once and then go to manual on a shot.

All in all, this sucker is delivering the goods out here and I am really happy with it. I am working from my iPad Pro right now so I don’t have the full workflow going but here is a “tile” from a 15 frame stitch of a glacier. It’s not even been put through DXO labs yet and it seems to be holding up well as one frame:

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Why did you got 3 drones? What was the reason to send the others back?


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Oct 17, 2016
I also seem to do best when I touch the screen to focus once and then go to manual on a shot.

Yes, the annoying 7x auto focus "hunting" can be eliminated by keeping the 7x camera in manual focus, once sharp focus has been acquired at a specific distance. I use the full 28x dynamic zoom to find the sharpest 7x focus, either using manual focus or autofocus at 28x, and then switch to manual focus to set it, and then back to 7x for taking the sharpest stills or video. Focus hunting in 7x auto focus is also exacerbated by low light and low contrast images.
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