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Mavic Air 2 Flymore Combo (Mint Condition!)

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Oct 12, 2016
Miami, FL. USA
Mavic Air 2 Flymore Combo For Sale. ($600.00 US)

Drone is in immaculate condition and has only 5 flights on it. Absolutely no crashes. Not even a scratch.
I ended up purchasing the Air 2S and have no more reason to keep this one.
What’s nice about this Air 2 is that it is on older FW and can be modified if you choose.
Current FW on aircraft is version 01.00.0340.

  • Flight Time – The Mavic Air 2 flight time is 34 minutes, compared to 21 minutes on the Mavic Air.
  • Stronger Stabilization – Mavic Air 2 can also fly in higher winds than the original Mavic Air.
  • Video Transmission – The Mavic Air 2 has OcuSysnc 2.0 with a HDR video transmission of 6.2 miles (10 km), compared to 2.5 miles (4 km) on the original Mavic Air.
  • Improved Camera – Mavic Air 2 has a 48 megapixel camera, allowing you to shoot photos up to 8k.
  • Camera Features – The Mavic Air 2 uses High Dynamic Range, color optimization and a new SmartPhoto intelligent mode allowing you to capture stunning professional photos. It can also shoot 4k video at 60p and slow motion video at 240 fps, all in HDR.
  • Intelligent Flight Modes – Mavic Air 2 has ActiveTrack 3.0, Spotlight 2.0, Points Of Interest 3.0 and 6 QuickShots.
  • Obstacle Avoidance – The Mavic Air 2 uses Vision Sensors and ToF Sensors, along with APAS 3.0 for vastly improved obstacle avoidance technology.
  • Remote Controller – RC 231
  • App – Mavic Air 2 uses the DJI Fly app.
Kit Contains:
  • Mavic Air 2
  • RC Controller (RC 231)
  • 3 Batteries (All 3 Less Than 6 Cycles)
  • Charger
  • Charging hub
  • ND Filter Set
  • 2 Sets Of Extra Props
  • 2 Extra Controller Sticks
  • 1 Gimbal Cover
  • 2 Controller To Device Cables
  • Device Charging Adaptor
  • 1 Smatree Water Proof Hard Case
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Original Box With Paper Work
The aircraft comes with a cool looking 2 color fading purple to blue skin.
It can be removed if you wish, but really is a cool looking skin in the sunlight.
Asking $600.00 firm because of the ability to modify this drone due to the FW and low flight hours.
Will except PayPal, you pay fees and shipping.

PM me if interested. DM....0957BC18-3B26-47B2-99CE-13C8477C7168.jpeg3F739932-33C0-40AD-B180-3DAE5F585CFB.jpeg016E91C7-BDB0-4410-8407-560A01509D8E.jpeg9F19F3E7-FD4F-4CA0-93E4-AE86CDE38A8B.jpegB6E501AB-E243-4ED9-BE5D-DA7D3E1FD09D.jpegB296B4CE-65A9-43C5-A829-67EEAC6A39A3.png6F3C8206-43A6-4243-B8BC-14C7F5B4E275.png28AC2D68-51A1-4F9C-A492-C4F4F5F073D2.png28361CBA-4B21-424F-A466-3AFAB063144E.png
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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