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Mavic Air Compass Calibration Questions


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May 3, 2018
Alright here is the issue:

Before I take off while on the ground after turning the Air on, I will get this error “Error Calibrate Compass or move aircraft” this only happens when near metal objects, like my car, fence or something similar.

I get why it’s doing it and completely understand what it’s wanting me to do and why, but here is something strange:

When I had my Spark I would simply move it away from the metal object/interference and it would get rid of the compass error allowing me to fly freely once again, but with the Air I have to move it away and then do a compass calibration before I can even fly.

Not a big deal, just don’t put the air craft near metal. I get it, but I don’t understand why I can’t just move it away like I did with the Spark.

Why the difference? Anyone else have this issue? Or is it a issue after all?
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Often the calibration error warning will go away if you restart the aircraft. It's annoying, for sure
Often the calibration error warning will go away if you restart the aircraft. It's annoying, for sure

It goes away only when I calibrate the compass, haven’t tried restarting it, but I use to be able to just move the spark away from the metal object and it would be just fine, but not the Air.

Do you have to recalibrate everytime you come in contact with metal or move it away? Or is this normal? Just strange that I use to be able to move the Spark and the error would go away, if I remember correctly.
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I would definitely move to a safe area and re-calibrate just in case your flux values have been altered due electromagnetic interference.
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Also after calibrating check that the aircraft is facing the same direction that shows on the map, and even turn the aircraft to make sure it turns on the map as well.
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Thanks everyone for the info. I guess my question is why can’t I just move the drone like I use to be able to do so with my Spark. The error says, move or calibrate. So I was just curious as to what changed.
I had a Spark and almost never had to calibrate the compass. After "upgrading" to Mavic air It's almost impossible to turn it on and don't get this message. Even when I am in openfield with nothing around it. Really annoying. Would appreciate any help also.

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