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Mavic Air fell into salt water


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Sep 4, 2018

I am writing my first post on this forum in order to ask you guys, do you think that there is sense in sending drone to DJI and try to use the warranty repair in this case.

The thing is that I have been recording movie at 22:45 o'clock (late evening/night) it was on the sea beach. I flew the drone above the see and then tried to get him back. The problem was that then, out of nowhere I have lost the signal and vision on my controller (on my phone). It was grey screen and I did not know what was happening.

I tried to intuitively get him back to me by pressing the sticks, but the problem is that I could not see him. The effect was that he fell into salt water 1 meter before the sand starts.

Here is the link to the flight record:
DJI Flight Log Viewer -

The main problem is, that there is no information in this log that I have lost signal on my phone and that this was the reason why this might have happened. When the screen turned gray I paniced, but it seems (on that log) that I drastically tried to get him back with poor effect...

I also have the video of that situation, but I do not know if it is needed to review this case.

Please just let me know - do you think it is worth to try to send it for warranty or it is pointless. I do not want to bother them for no reason and also waste money on sending him to them.

Thank you very much for your help!
Why didn’t you just trigger RTH?
Why did you move the left joystick down to descend?
If you have DJI Care Refresh, use it.
I did not buy Care Refresh for this drone :(

As I have written, after I lost the signal I have paniced and tried my best to get him back (even though my phone went grey and I could not see anything via drone's camera) :(
You have made so many mistakes in so many levels.
If you are unfamiliar with your drone, you shouldn’t have flown at night. And if you’ve no experience flying at night, you shouldn’t be flying over water.
Your drone doesn’t have night vision. Flying at night, the camera wouldn’t be able to pick up much at all. Screen being grey, I am guessing the camera was in auto, and in auto and low light, iso much be cranked up max, and all you get is noise.
It was going to end badly the moment you decided to turn it on.
Without Care Refresh, not sure there’s much you can do. You can try to wash with distilled water, and let it try thoroughly. Then maybe send it to try to get it fixed.
Either way, I’ll be a very expensive lesson for you.
If you live in US, contact @Thunderdrones.
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