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Mavic Air with iPad


Sep 2, 2018
I know this has been asked before but I can’t say I understood the replies.

I'm thinking of going for a Mavic Air but I'm trying to find out whether there will be any problems using the controller with my iPad instead of a phone (mainly for the larger display). My 9.7" iPad is only a few months old but it's Wi-fi only and doesn’t have a data connection and therefore no GPS. I believe GPS is needed to set the RTH point and a data connection is needed to download local maps (and probably for other things). I can’t find a previous response that mentions this but is it possible to do all the necessary initial setting up using the phone and then switch to the iPad after installing the iPad holder on the controller? Or does it lose the settings when you unplug the phone? I know you can only connect one device to the controller at a time so would I need to connect the phone as normal, connect the iPad to the the large USB port and switch to the iPad by unplugging the phone?

Will there be any problems with not having data on my iPad? I read some threads that say that the range and functionality is severely limited when using an iPad. Some responses suggested tethering the iPad to the phone to use the data but I don’t know how you do this when one or both are connected to the controller.

Can anyone advise on the best solution please?

Many thanks.
I use a 9.7 iPad 2018 WiFi only - absolutely no problems at all. Do all you setting up while in WiFi range and you can cache the map of the area you intend to fly. You only need GPS in your viewing device if you want to change the RTH to the location of your RC, so you just need to stay in the general location of your original take off point where your Mavic records its own RTH location
Many thanks InvisibleName, I think I have the same iPad so I guess I won’t have any problems. I see what you mean about setting the RTH point, seems obvious when you know the answer :).
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