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Mavic controller charges android device?


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Aug 22, 2017
each time I pair an android device with my mavic controller, the mavic controller also acts as a portable battery charger for the paired android device, which obviously causes accellerated discharge of the mavic controller battery. Any way to stop this? Thanks
actually you can, using android and gaining root access you can stop usb charging. But this is done on the android side of things, not the remote or dji software.
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Just use a portable phone charger
I use an aukey 20Ah battery plugged into side port with phone plugged in bottom port
with 4 batteries worth of flights the battery doesn't even drop 25% (4 led indicator still have all 4 lit) and RC & phone have more charge then when I started
There is a way around that problem, that will allow you to fly while charging ;-)

Personally, I think this is a much better sollution:

With this setup I have a spare Mavic battery in my pocket charging my phone and controller, it seems to take minimal charge and will help keep the battery warm ready for use. Then change the batter over when the Mavic is low and use the remaining power to continue to charge controller and phone.

Anyone else using this setup?
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Personally, I think this is a much better sollution:
I'd rather save my Mavic batteries for flying. I get annoyed when I snap a Mavic battery into place and find out it's only at 98%, instead of 100%. Definitely wouldn't want it to be even lower.

I don't always run the batteries down to nothing, but using it for something other than flying, before flying, would mean that the equally annoying Low Battery beep would come that much sooner. May have to do that speaker mod. :D
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