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mavic landed short of home

idk how to load files here. i looked at exact spot in field but gone. what can i di if its been taken?
If someone else finds it and takes it. NOTHING you can do but report it lost/stolen and give serial numbers to the authorities. Chances are you will never see it again. Look harder, in a larger search area, but if you are surrounded with population and it went down where people are. It probably was gone within minutes of hitting the ground.
post flyers like a missing dog on around the area it was lost with a reward. BUT what if it hit someone or something and damaged it? It may cost yo more in legal trouble than you can replace it for. Its up to you!
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Scan a large radius (100-200m?), not just right on the spot.

That was a very stupid flight...

Kilts yes it was a record breaker.
I didn’t expect battery to drain
So quick.
I’ve done same flight with no problem.
I’ve searched area and the find my drone
In litchi app out me right on top of it but not there.
What is the margin of area for their gps
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