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Mavic pro connection problem

Jul 21, 2018

My Mavic pro dropped from the height of 14m suddenly. I am not sure why the sudden drop happened. I have the battery levels of both drone battery and controller to 100%. During my flight take off, I saw a warning to update the software but I truly doubt if that was the issue as I flew it fine last week with the same warning.

Having this problem in one side, now my Mavic pro is not connecting to the controller after the drop. When I switch ON the drone, I see all the propeller checks running but Camera gimbal is not adjusting properly. I see the aircraft was connected to the controller but I don't see any modes visible in the controller. Can someone help me understand the problem?

IMG-20180721-WA0010.jpeg IMG-20180721-WA0009.jpeg IMG-20180721-WA0008.jpeg