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Mavic Pro Controller stops buzzing on it's own.


Mar 2, 2017
Daytona Beach, Florida
I was downloading new firmware the other day when I noticed the buzzer noise was getting quieter. I know some guys will take the unit apart to kill the little buzzer and some guys buy the program to kill the buzzer noise. But this controller buzzer died on it own. Everything seems to work correctly but I was worried that this could be a start of other problems to come. So I bound another replacement controller and all is good now.
So, I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else. Where the buzzer is working just fine and then slowly stops working, no noise what so ever. The controller has about 20 hours of on time. Never dropped, never rained on always kept in a case.
I am referring to the noise when you turn it and turn it off plus the return to home beep are all gone. Even the short beep when you push buttons like C1 and C2 no more beep sound or signal to let you know you made contact with the button.
This might sound crazy, but there are a lot of people out there looking for a controller that doesn't beep. A lot of people find it annoying. You could probably sell it for a $150 and buy a brand new one that does beep. Since you have already replaced it, you might wanna put it up on here on Mavicpilots or eBay as a controller that doesn't beep, and I bet you get some activity.

I could be wrong, but the beep does not indicate a more substantial problem with a controller. As long as it still transmitting and Receiving telemetry data and signal to the drone it's probably fine.
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