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Mavic Pro Repair or Not?


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Aug 9, 2018
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Hi all, I hope I've come to the right place for some information. Last weekend I was drunk at the pool at my apartment complex and for whatever reason had the impulse to catch a DJI Mavic Pro drone flying over the water. The problem is the water was about 5 feet deep and when I landed I brought it down into the water for maybe a second. The drone is about 4 months old and was in very good condition.

It was taken into a repair shop and was informed that the only issues needing to be fixed were a new battery and gimbal and would cost USD $530($340 gimbal, $100 labor and $90 battery) to fix. I feel like a complete **** and am trying to settle up with the owner of the drone. They offered to take $830 cash and give me the drone needing the repairs along with controller and all other accessories. My question is what might the value of the broken drone be if I it sold as is? Also, if I were to repair and sell, what might I get for it? Sorry for the long read, any help would be greatly appreciated as I know almost nothing about drones.