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Dec 9, 2017
Hey all,

I wanted to share with you the experience with sport plus mode on the Mavic pro.

Yesterday the parameters of tilt, vertical speed and max speed edited to almost maximum available. I chose this settings to spare the Mavic the wear of maxed out performance. (BTW didn't change the height limitation)

The tilt of the drone is the first noticeable change. When the stick (right-default sticks settings) pushed front or back the response lag is almost unnoticeable, as usual, and the front\rear section is almost falling forward\backwards which then leads to a quick acceleration.
The second change, and my favorite is the vertical speed. When pushed down it literally falling at a very quick rate of almost 6 m\s. When pushed all the way up it lunches even faster, I limited it to 9m\s and the drone accelerate to that speed more quickly then I imagined. Some times the motor speed at that scenario is showing "max motor speed" warning but nothing I haven't seen with stock sport mode when pushed both sticks up. Either way its not going to be used that much often.
The third and most anticipated feature was the speed. it is so fun. I managed to see 86.4 km\h max and I was pretty surprised. i think I will get it to 90km\h at the right scenario.

I wasn't quit sure how the drone would react with the new settings. I mean it wasn't clear if now the pilot can make a maneuver so "wired" which result a crash or even unplanned losing of height. I don't think I covered all possibilities but I tried to fail the drone especially with vertical down maneuvers. From my perspective I didn't noticed any unpredicted behavior. the recoveries from all kinds of conditions was good as it is with normal sport mode.

Some how in that not-maxed-out-sport-plus mode the reactions of the drone from far away seems more satisfying in a way that makes you think that the true sport mode should be more like the sport+ mode.

With that being said, when using that mode it demand more attention from the pilot. More attention to the craft and to the location chosen to fly.

Anyway, the more I use the Mavic pro the more I am going towards a racing drone features which eventually will happen, but for now and between filming and taking photos the new and improved sport mode will be a fun break.

some details: 17 minutes fly, 6.5 km distance, 86.4 km\h, vert up speed 9.1m\s. vert down speed 6m\s, height <100m.
next time I will add a GoPro on the my shoulder so I can show you the alien like behavior of the sport plus mode.

one more thing, today was the first time the warning about gimbal movement (didn't catch that ). I assume it have something to do with the new angles of tilt.

have a great day you all, DD
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Your posts do not fill me with enthusiasm.
I’d rather just buy a race drone if I wanted a 70mph drone.
If I can find a super-cheap one, I would probably do this with max settings just for ***** and giggles.
I set 10m/s down on both modes, really saves battery when descending.

Try manual mode for some real fun with the Mavic. It will flip and roll 360 degrees in flight mode 0.

It will flip? wow
10m\s down sounds goood.
I believe it will get more speed with this accl down, maybe one day a stock mavic pro will do a 100 km\h :)
Thanks man\woman(;
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Is sport plus mode a feature from DJI or flying this mode and crashing the drone would void the DJI care refresh?

Thank you,
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