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Mavic vs Mavic 2 Pro image resolution comparison request.


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Sep 8, 2018
Hello everyone first post here. I am a photographer and currently have the Mavic 1. Can someone please post photos from both Mavic and Mavic 2 Pro for resolution comparison. I know on paper the 1" image sensor should be a big improvement but I haven't seen evidence of this yet. YouTube videos showing cropped in photos comparing the 2 zoom vs 2 Pro have not shown a substantial difference as do comparisons that I've seen between MA and M2P. I hoping that someone can provide raw photos shot on the M2P or point me to an existing post. I've searched with no results.

Thank you in advance for any response.
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You're going to see the most difference in low light or high contrast photos. Even compared to my Nikon D7200 it does very well with lifting shadows without too much noise and not blowing highlights, where I've heard the original Mavic had problems. I'd share some DNGs with you but I don't have the originals on my phone. Here's a couple quick sample shots I took in high contrast though, single DNGs flattened out and played with a little in Lightroom. On the photo with the dock, the sun is setting just out of the frame on the left and was very bright, I couldn't believe it didn't blow those highlights to smithereens.


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Thank you for this, great looking shots there. Have you tried a 9 image pano in raw and stitching them on a PC?
Thank you for this, great looking shots there. Have you tried a 9 image pano in raw and stitching them on a PC?
Nope, I've only had a chance to fly her once for a couple batteries. These were literally my first attempts and I was focusing on just not losing my first drone in the lake lol. I'm definitely going to try it though. I'm also looking forward to manually bracketing for exposure and seeing how good those look, the built-in HDR mode in my opinion is really only useful for people who shoot in jpeg and don't edit photos. My single DNG with highlights and shadows only fixed in Lr came out better than the in-camera hdr.
@GringoLoco Thanks for sharing those. What a beautiful place, your home?

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