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Mavic zoom or pro for close up, high detail pictures?


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Aug 28, 2018
I currently have the phantom 4 pro and use it mainly for roof inspections. I feel like the picture quality is about 75% of where I need it to be in terms of the detail in the pictures. Overall, the pictures are very difficult as every shot is different- lighting, color, etc. I'd like to upgrade to the Mavic Pro 2 but am unsure between the pro or zoom. I am also not sure these cameras will materially increase the picture quality far above what I currently am using.

Zoom - can zoom in which might be extremely helpful if it literally enhances the detail of the pictures. However this has a smaller sensor than the phantom 4 pro (1") and think it could be step backwards in that direction.

Pro - bigger sensor and colors therefore better differentiating the granules on the shingles. Still a 20mp with 1" sensor so is this really all that different than the phantom 4 pro in terms of picture quality? Or are people just amazed that this camera is on a much smaller drone?

I appreciate your help. I'm just a roofer looking for advice from the experts here. Thank you!
For detail you want the highest resolution and data possible. So the pro without any doubt.
20mp v 12mp. Much bigger sensor. No contest.
Thats something nobody really knows yet.
Makes sense. I see the excitement of having a better camera on a smaller drone.....just don't know how much of a difference the camera is relative to what's already out there. Thank you!

This is probably the best video I've found on this matter. The guy hosting the video said he'd choose the Mavic 2 Pro for it's camera over the Phantom 4 Pro......but almost every comment below the video disagrees. Good luck everyone!
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