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Mavivc pro video picture is jumpy


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Jul 22, 2018
I went out and took some video of my flights and when I got home I took the sd mini card out of the mavic pro, put it in my computer and uploaded the video to my computer. Then I sat back to watch it and the picture would go for a few seconds, then stop, then jerk to the next few frames,and stop again, then start playing the video. Is there anyone out there with something like this happening? Could it be my bird or a sd card issue ?
Did you record 4K h.265 by chance? I think it’s safe to say the majority of computers aren’t up to it.

Besides that, you should try copying the video to your local HDD as you may be limited reading off the card.

Without complete specs on your computer it’s hard to definitively say.
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Could be the card if it hasn't got U3 written on it somewhere, but more likely to be that your computer just isn't up to it.
My advice would be use free app Handbrake to transcode 4K footage down to 1080P and edit and upload it at that resolution until you get a new computer that can cope with 4K.
I'm thinking it's computer related. I have a Dell intel I-7 laptop with a 500 gb hard drive that I use that I bought from a guy that re furbed the computer. I have it hooked up to a 55 inch lg smart tv. I don't play games on it just surf the net on it.
But love watching the videos of the flights I take with my Mavic pro on it.
If it's a desktop PC, you can upgrade its graphics card very inexpensively to one that can render 4K video. I spent US$20 for a used Nvidia card at a local used computer store, works great.

Unfortunately, my 2011 MacBook Air was too slow for 4K so I upgraded to a late 2013 MacBook Pro for US$780 at that same store. 4K plays fine on that but it's still a touch slow editing 2.7k and 4k with Davinci Resolve.
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