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MC trigger not working


Apr 12, 2023
Hi Guys,

I have a DJI Avata and Mini 3 Pro.

I use both with the MC.

The MC has recently developed an issue with the Mini 3 pro where when pulling the trigger to accelerate it kind of goes up extremely slowly. and pushing the trigger forward it goes down extremely slowly - I say up and down but it does it that slowly its as if it isnt actually reacting to the trigger pull/pushing.

I have reset calibrations on the MC.

It works to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, as well as the up and down button does allow the drone to go up and down. but need accelaration and reverse to work.

Any other suggestions?
While typing this, the only other thing i can think of is to see if theres an update for the device..?

ps. the trigger works fine with the Avata.
Hmmm... I'm a little unclear on your description. Are you pointing the MC up so the view in the display is the sky? The trigger will send the drone in the direction of the circle reticle that you see in the display. if it's not pointing up or down, the trigger won't make the drone ascend or descend.
Hi thanks for commenting.

No the MC is still and when pulling the trigger the drone goes neither forwards or backwards - when connected with the mini 3 pro (the problem im trying to solve).

When the MC is connected with my Avata its fine.

Previously the MC worked fine with the Mini 3 Pro.
Is it not moving AT ALL, or just real slow? And if it does move, even at that low speed, is the speed proportional to the amount of trigger pull?

There are some settings in DJI Fly for setting the max speed forward/reverse with the trigger, and sideways with the joystick. These can get messed up with a firmware update. Check those settings... there are separate ones for N and S modes.
Ill take a look. but if you saw it fly you'd probably say "yeah thats not reacting to the trigger at all".. but let me check out those settings - if I dont reply to this thread then im still having an issue and welcome any other suggestions.