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Might want to keep your drone on a short leash in Oklahoma

I read the article. Yikes!! Look, I was once the same homeowner that thought that any drone over my property infringes upon my castle and I will shoot it down. I've been to gun shows - yes. There is certain non-lethal ammo specifically engineered to take out a drone with minimal, if any, collateral damage. Am a registered Republican, voted for Trump. Fiercely private. Family man. Bought my first drone in January - DJI 3 Standard. Amazed by perspective and performance of it. Beautiful video to a 'new' perspective. Loved it, let my friend use it - crashed. Researched and upgraded to the Mavic. Never looked back.
My view has significantly changed. I educated myself and found a new hobby.
We need to educate others before we find that our hobby is outlawed. Is there an awareness group anywhere?
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Good luck shooting down my 1.82 lb Mavic Pro in Sport Mode at 200 feet. At 300 feet it wont even be seen.

You better shoot sporting clays every day of the week to even get close.
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