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Mini 1 won't turn on after memory card formatting


New Member
Apr 19, 2024
New Zealand
Hi, I've had a Mini 1 for 3 years with no problems or crashes. I installed a micro sd card and carried out an in drone format using the remote control / Iphone. When I started the format, the gimble started a cycling jerk to the left. This continued indefinitely, so I attempted to switch the drone off. There was no responce to the power button. After numerous attempts to switch off, I removed the battery. When I reinstalled the battery, and attempt to switch on there are no lights at all. When I attach the charge cable, no lights come on. I suspect the main board because the memory card dock, charge port and gimble connector are on that board. Has anyone seen this type of fault or can suggest any checks I can make to identify the cause. Thanks.
Thanks for your suggestion. I removed the memory card when I removed the battery. Also removed the cover to measure the battery voltage at the ESC board =7.3 volts. If I connect the charge cable without a battery installed, 2 battery lights (2 & 4 from memory) should illuminate to indicate battery is open circuit or not installed. I'm getting no lights, That's why I suspect a board is cooked.
When you connect to a port does the computer see it? if so re-flash it' if not I see no reason for a SD card fault to damage your drone BUT If the computer or DJI assistant can't see the drone you are gonna have to get a new board or just a new Mini 1 from CamRise.
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