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mini 3 pro quick transfer to Samsung Galaxy A03s android 12 - Connection failed


New Member
Dec 6, 2022
Toronto, ON, Canada

Ok ,first off, I DO have a USB sd card reader, and therefore can get the files from the SD card.

And maybe that will just be the best solution, probably being faster then the "quick transfer"

But I am curious to why the quick transfer is not working, as well as how it's "supposed" to work.

I've been gettting confusing advice about enabling WIFI / BLuetooth, connecting pairing to bluetooth , connecting to WIFI, etc.

1) I turn on the mini 3 pro

2) I start the DJI APP (ver 1.90) on my Samsung Galaxy Ao3s Android 12

I get the prompt about starting quick transfer in the DJI FLy app :

It says it has detected "DJI-MINI3-Pro-7CAB"

I press the "switch" button : the "popup" / spinning drone thing displays, then

It then says " Connection failed"

and :

1)goto profile - > settings - > quick transfer Band on
DJI Fly and make sure 2.4 ghz is enabled

I don't see any "quick transfer Band" under profile -> settings

** I did set the speed to 2.4ghz under the "go fly" / settings / transmission

2 Goto settings and make sure Wi-fI Assistant is diabled

I can't find "Wifi Assistant" on the phone or in the DJI fly app

---- which "settings" ?
- Android phone ?
- Dji Fly "pulldown menu" / settings ?
Does the "swipe from top-settings-menu" even exist on the "phone"
version of DJI-FLy ?

3 check the above and go to Setting to connect to wifi network manually
Again which settings ?

If I go to the phone / Settings / Connections / Wifi the drone's wifi name does not show up,

That name does show up under the DJI-rc / settiings / Network & Internet / Wifi.

But then it's asking for a password.
Where is that password set ?

And if I make that wifi connection (DJI - rc controller - > Wifi - drone), what is that connection
used for ? (The quick transfer) ?

Very confusing.

My phone does it without interaction almost on the same WiFi when I launch fly app from phone. I don't use it controlling/with the drone

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