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Miracle received.


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Mar 4, 2018
The great white North, East of North Bay, ON.
A while back in March this year, I reported that my Mavic Pro was lost in the US mail.
When you try to process insurance, the phones related to inquiries and claims go into a closet with blankets on them so responsibility can be served without violating any mission statements.
After reluctantly giving up on ever finding my MP1 again, I bought another one and resumed wanting to fly and record.
Never had much luck with time to take holidays or a vacation, so still not much flying got done.
I do work hard and am never home and that is one reason why I don't get to fly much.
No problem, I bought a Tello to be my companion while trucking, and that works great.
The MP1's are a bother to drag around internationally so that's why I use the Tello, cool little bird for sure.

Well...the repair shop where I sent the original lost MP1 off to, emails me after 6 months (Thank you so much for that courtesy!) And tells me he found my package at UPS where he has a collection bin for his shop because there was another item that went missing.
In chasing down THAT package he found it and mine was there with it.

So he did the gimbal repair and offered to not charge for that as it only required labour and an 11 dollar printed cable to fix it.
I said no to that and paid the repair bill and off it went to come home a week ago.
So now I own two MP1's and a Tello.

If you ever decide to ship for repairs, make sure you have insurance other than or over and above the insurance you pay to the postal service, so that you have a better chance to collect.
lessons learned and still a happy camper as I have my machine back.

I am a lucky man indeed...I think.

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