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MPP Camera/Gimbal issue


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Aug 7, 2018
New poster here, Howdy [emoji1384]‍♂️. Have a MPP and on my last flight, approximately 30 seconds after lift off, my video became pixelated then froze completely. I also lost all gimbal controls. MPP flies perfectly normally otherwise. I have downgraded firmware, refreshed firmware, did a rebinding of the RC. DJI says send it in. Any ideas from you guys before I send it in. It was activated in May so its still new.
You mentioned that you downgraded firmware. Did you also downgrade Go 4 software? Go 4 is a very common cause of pixelated video and you may need to try a few different versions to find one that works for you. There are many threads about this. Other than Go 4 downgrades, I have three suggestions for you:
1) Try a different connection cable. Unplug the side cable and use the USB data cable that came with your device (some USB cables are charge only and will not work).
2) Load Go 4 on a different device to rule out your device.
3) If you send it in make sure DJI treats it as a warranty issue (don't apply it toward a Refresh claim if you have Refresh).
I don’t believe I can downgrade Go 4 on the iPhone. Yeah I’ve used a couple cables in different ports. I’m finally giving in I think and sending it in. I told them it’s definitely not a Refresh claim. We shall see.
I don’t believe I can downgrade Go 4 on the iPhone...
I don't use an iDevice so I do not know either. Perhaps someone that does know if will chime in. Is there no other phone/tablet that you can try so you can rule out yours as the problem? It would suck to send it in just to have DJI say there is nothing wrong.
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