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My hour one review

Bob in Savannah

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Aug 6, 2018
Savannah, GA. USA
I love them. It's everything everybody said it would be.
That includes not fitting comfortable and weight forward. That also includes a (possible) tricky installation and setup for those non-early adopters. It also includes an extremely tough obstacle to overcome concerning packing this monstrosity up to travel with daily.. I love the small footprint of the mavic pro but the size of the goggles 100% trumps (scuse the pun) the beauty of the MP portability.
Are these three negatives a deal breaker? Considering the emmersive factor and the fact that I'm naturally near sighted... I don't see how I won't be flying this way 100% of the time as soon as Im more knowledgeable and confident in my flying skills. Yes, other glasses are lighter and smaller, however, are they as clear and robust and full of info on the HUD as the Dji goggles? Not from every single thing I've read, they're not.
If I need that backpacking portability, well, that's why I have an iPad mini 4 dedicated for the MP.
If I'm at home and driving around in my car looking for excuses to take pics and vids around town, the goggles kick butt.
Technology evolves... We're all on the cutting edge around here... Some of you know more.. Some of us know less(me)... But we're all in this boat together and I have NO DOUBT my three issues I have with the goggles will be rectified within the year or so... I don't have any issues with seeing stuff like others have... I'm naturally nearsighted.. Without glasses they're perfect and when I have my contacts in they're pretty clear, too. I don't understand what people are saying.. And my eyesight is so bad.. Without glasses or contacts I focas at about 8 or so inches... And I DO use cheap readers when I have my contacts in for reading menus and stuff. So. .I definitely know my eyesight has been TERRIBLE since about 7th grade. I'm 50. Lol. Maybe my bad eyesight just "fits" with the goggles' infamous focus issues. I dunno but it's a NON-Issue for me. Im not sure why peeps are tripping out about buying dollar cheaters. . Lol.. I've been buying them for years to just type these diatribes on my phone.. Apparently don't need them for the goggles, though.
I'm so excited about these goggles... It's like a real-life video game or something... Better than the VR ive been hearing about for 30 years...

Thanks for reading and commenting .
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