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Air 2s My September/October so far after not flying for a little bit


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Oct 17, 2020
Grand Rapids, MI
Been so busy with work I haven't been getting out and flying so much, so decided to start forcing myself to go out and fly in September with a little ramping up the last couple weeks as my work has me traveling a little more. So this is just a single post to showcase a small portion of that stuff so far.

Starting out in the U.P. the weather was not kind most of the time, but did have the phantomrain wetsuit on fortunately.

Also while up in the U.P. I took advantage of using the drone during the bridge walk (which I participated in earlier in the day).


Later on when I got sent back up towards Traverse city and then Alpena I tried to hunt down some light houses.



But also tried to get some video clips here and there at the locations. While in Traverse City had to deal with some rain as well as some very high winds (Leland in the video was a bit over 45mph wind gusts).

On the way back down towards Lansing to stay at the In-laws my wife told me about some sledding hill at her hometown so did some fly around there.

Then back home near Grand Rapids, tried to take some time between stores when I had to bounce from one Boost Mobile store to the next, I stopped by the Yankee Springs recreational area and got a shot.


And lately I been posting some 360 stuff to facebook which has gotten really popular lately of this area.


And earlier tonight, tried Hyperlapse for the first time, though I wasn't sure what to expect especially since I started in the free movement mode instead of picking an automated mode. 16 minutes of keeping the stick subtly pushed and trying to plan out my movement didn't quite go as expected for a 2 second interval type of video. But least now I know how it behaves. The automated video wasn't bad, but I used the DNG raw file sequence in Davinci Resolve to pull out a little bit more.

Probably going to scout out a few areas and plan out a few different spots so I can make a reel.

Next week I'll likely be going back up north for a Meijer/Amazon campaign.
Tried one of the automated modes of Hyperlapse being a locked straight course. Found it helpful that the map would show the end point after completion allowing me to prevent it from getting too close to the overpass and to make sure I had more than sufficient clearance for the power lines that goes over the fish ladder (familiar with the area so I already knew roughly how high both the ones going across the fish ladder, and the one people hardly every notice over by the sixth street bridge, they're impossible to see at night, and not very noticeable during the day).

This one was 2 second intervals, 10 second result (expanded and added optical flow frame blending in post to lengthen it). I could probably get away with increasing the ISO to reduce the interval so that I could create a smoother frame rate over the same course with less recording time (but won't get the same degree of light streaks). Max speed was set to 1mph.
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