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Nanuk 920 hard shell carrying case


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Dec 1, 2017
Bullhead City, Arizona, USA
I received an Email yesterday from Nanuk. Net, taking pre-orders on carrying case for M2P & M2 Zoom and a 20% off & free shipping.
This is the Link to MP & MPP case. FYI

Here is the Nanuk site. With promo code ( MAVIC20 )

Click on the red banner “NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER”

I found I could order the foam insert for the case for $50.00 USD minus 20%. BUT you have to follow me.
1. If you haven’t clicked on the “NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER”, click now
2. Click on the ADD TO CART under the case (back it out in a moment). If you don’t click on ADD TO CART you can’t get to M2 foam insert.
3. After clicking on ADD TO CART scroll down to the foam insert near the bottom
4. Click on YES Add this option
5. Slide down and click on ADD TO CART It will take you to the cart
6. Change the quantity to zero for the case, slide down and click on PROMO CODE box, add the promo code MAVIC20
7. Click apply then SECURE CHECKOUT
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The code does not work for me. Maybe they already fixed the bug in the cart but even if you pay $50 for the foam insert, you can buy the empty case at B&H for $75-85 depending on color and still save $40-$50 on the M2 case price from Nanuk if you buy the two pieces separate.

Nanuk 920 Series Case (Yellow, Empty) 920-0004 B&H Photo Video

So, the $180 price tag is a price gouging ripoff from Nanuk. Doesn't surprise me.
Just received shipping info on the insert.
Second week in October.
Thanks for the link to empty case @wesettle.
I did some searching and the foam insert for the Mavic Pro series is available on Amazon FWIW
I would love to get the 920 for my M2P but the GPC case has that option for a tablet under the foam and space for the mavmount.

I don't see the 920 having that?
It's a shame they had the opening price so high. They lost a sale from me. I bought the 920 from B&H and the foam insert from Nanuk. I paid an extra $4.00
It is just the aggravation.
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