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Navigation System Error- fix?

Jan 29, 2024
I recently had muy Mavic Mini 2 fall from the sky after flying on a windy day (52 m), When i recovered the drone it had lost one propeller and the flight log showed "sensor error" and "max power reached" just befor it fell.

In the crash the yaw arm on the gimbal snapped and the top cover cracked. However i managed to fix both damages. When i start my drone now i get "Navigation System Error" and the drone is unable to take off. I have tried to Calibrate the IMU, Compass and the gimbal. I have unistalled and reinstalled the fly app. The GPS on the drone works fine as it connects to multiple satelites.

Any Ideas to how i can get rid of the error and get my drone in the air again?
As Meta4 said Your cheapest route is to send it to DJI- I think you have a bad Board, But that's only what I Think, and in a hard crash Many things can happen ( including dislodging solder tabs on the boards ). If you try the repair yourself remember you will most likely replace components that you didn't need too. DJI can diagnose these problems and that diagnosis alone will save you big money-Send it in. you will be richer if you do.
Update: Replaced the IMU/GPS Board and calibrated the IMU. The error is gone and the my drone is yet again airborn :)
Glad seeing you got the trouble sorted out.
I have this navigation error on my Mini 2 SE right out the box. When I took it in for repair I met 2 people with the same error with their relatively new Mini 2 and Mini 3 Pro.
I'm curious as to how you can get the replacement gps module parts and for how much? I see that you have the Mini 2, do you happens to know if yours have the same gps module as the Mini 2 SE?
I'm still waiting for my replacement drone, and I need as much infos I can get, for if the trouble arise in the future.
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