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Need Advice Selling Mavic Pro


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Sep 22, 2018
Hey guys, I just need some advice regarding selling my Mavic Pro. I want to upgrade to the new Mavic Pro 2 and I was wondering where the best place to sell my Mavic would be. I havent used it much so there is not a lot of wear or damage and it looks brand new. I was also wondering if anyone could give me a pricepoint for what I can sell it at. Thank you :)
Welcome to the forum.
At the moment it looks like a buyers market, take a look in classifieds here and e-bay .
Prices low and was thinking about selling mine with case and 5 batteries but after looking
just decided I would keep mine as a back up cause I'm not losing that much.
Might try Craigs List .
was also wondering if anyone could give me a pricepoint for what I can sell it at
See what they are going for on eBay right now. That'll give you a good idea of what you can ask for yours.
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Dont post here, nothing but moochers and scammers trying to lowball everyone. Sell locally or ebay.

Funny but not exactly true. I have bought and sold dozens of pieces of equipment on the MavicPilots classifieds, but it's better than Craigslist, and cheaper than eBay. You can try on Mavicpilots, it's free.

OP sometimes the best way to figure out what something is worth is to put it up for sale here, and see what offers you get.

In my opinion, a used Mavic is worth around $600 since you can get refurbs for around $700 with 1 year warranty. Depends on where you are located, and who will be paying Paypal and shipping fees.
Craiglist can be a haven for scammers and the people that do show that you think may purchase your Mavic want to meet you and fly your drone then tell you "I'll think about it and get back to you" . eBay will be able to sell your Mavic Pro , but they take 10 percent right off the top of the price that the auction or Buy It Now closes at.

Being an early adopter of the Mavic Pro I had to have it right after it was announced so I paid a premium and to sell my gear at todays depreciated prices would mean taking a big loss. I am in the same boat as Dirkclod and others on this site that will keep the Mavic Pro as a backup instead of selling it to help pay for the latest greatest Mavic offering.

Post it here in the Classifieds at your price and see where that takes you.
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