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Need to transfer 4K on Vacation


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Jul 4, 2018
I made a mistake. I captured a ton of video in 4K, filling my SD card and I’m only thru 1/3 of my vacation. I have my iPhone 7 Plus with me.

The Mavic Pro isn’t letting me copy my videos over because of the 4K barrier, but maybe I can directly upload them to the cloud or something. Is my only option to go buy another SD card?
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How many gigs is your SD card? Uploading on the road might be slow, especially if you dont have a gigabit connection. You might try to be more efficient in your recording. If you filled up an entire SD card and you're only 1/3 the way into your vacation, you need to either be much more efficient with what you shoot, or downres to make the files smaller. How are you going to edit all those minutes of recording after you get back? It's going to be alot of work for any computer to edit that much 4k. If you are set on 4k, I recommend shorter clips, and planning on what, where and at what time of day you are going to shoot.
Right now, I think the best you can do is just buy a couple of more cards, and/or get yourself an external HD (you can get a terabyte drive for about 50/75 bucks.) drive to copy your files to from the Mavic, while your sitting on the balcony, having a cocktail, planning your next flights.
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I would get one or two more SD cards, you should have a spare anyway. You could look at what you recorded and delete the rejects but it may not the best use of vacation time.
I bought an Apple SD card reader with lightning attachment which allows me to transfer video and photos to iPhone. I can’t remember what I paid for it, but I keep it with my flight gear.

It’s crazy that my iPhone can handle 4K video but my 2010 MacBook Pro can’t.
Hey all. Thanks for the tips. I did go and get a small 16gb microsd to get me through. I’ll invest in a good 64gb when I get back! Thanks!
I have a small micro sd reader which I can connect to my phone. That way I can transfer files from the microSD and store them on the iphone/ipad.

It's called a 3 in 1 card reader and costs just under $10
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