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New (but used) Mavic Mini for Great Price


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Oct 13, 2020
So, in Phoenix, AZ there is a place called Auction Nation. They typically run a dozen or so online auctions, everything from vehicles, tools, clothing and whatever. They often have really good stuff cheap. I have purchased vehicles from them, tools, furniture, hot tub, pool, and many more items from them. Well, 2 days ago they had an electronics auction and there were several DJI drones. Most were the Mavic Air 2 and there were a few Mavic Mini's. Some of them were damaged, such as gimbal damage, error message, etc. Others were missing parts or pieces (battery, charger, cord or remote). I put a $110 bid on a Mavic Air 2 with controller (no battery, or charger), that stated was tested and works, but it ended up selling for $160. I did win a mavic mini though, again no battery, charger or controller for $95. I picked it up yesterday afternoon and this morning I tested it out. Since I already have a mini, and a few extra batteries, I threw a battery in, paired it to my remote, and voila!, it worked great! Hovered great, flew around and then hit return to home and it came back within a foot of where it took off from. Camera and video was great and everything on the bird worked just like my other one. So, I think I got an extra mini for a good price.

Update: Just checked the auction nation website and they have a few of the DJI Osmo 3 and 4 handheld stabilizers (the 3 sold for $45 and the current bids on the 4's with 10 minutes left is $57 and $51.) Hmmmmm may have to throw a quick bid in....
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