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New DJI drone name suggestions?

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
In the past, DJI has been hit or miss with their drone names. Some were ok, others not so great. I thought it would be fun to start a thread with name recommendations for the next new release drone from DJI. Im sure DJI isnt listening, so we can get as imaginative, humorous, or obscure as we want. Let's see how creative we can get. There's a free XL Thunderdrones Tshirt for the 2 best name suggestions. Poll will follow.

Lets take a look back at DJI's drone names and try to help get DJI back on track with the name game.

Flame Wheel - Thats about the last thing I would want to call a drone. The name brings visions of motors on fire, and a rapid, uncontrollable, spiraling descent.

Phantom - Great name, great mystique, makes me think of the Vietnam War and the MD F4.

Mavic - Perhaps comes from the broken English "Maverick," it's most annoying because when I do a search for Mavic on Craigslist, I come up with bicycle wheels. In fact, is the bicycle product.

Mavic Air - nice name but should have been called the Spark Pro

Spreading Wings - Makes me think of an Eagle, not a drone.

Inspire - perhaps the best name yet.

Matrice - ok, is it Matrice as in mattress (something to sleep on), or Matrice as in Chevrolet Caprice? Sounds kinda like a sexy French name but it should have an accent somewhere.

Spark - good name for a perky little drone

Tello - sounds like jello. (strawberry, my fav)
To start with, I've thought about the following names:

  • DJI Disconnect - guaranteed to lose connection after an app or Firmware update
  • DJI Brick - you dont even have to try the firmware update; they make it easy by making it not work right out of the box
  • DJI Tornado - Simulates the effect of having a motor fail midflight
  • DJI Puff - includes an overcharged, overheated battery that wont fit into the drone
  • DJI 3d - includes a gimbal that resets midflight to make it feel like you are doing 3d aerobatics
  • DJI Trimotor - comes with only 3 good arms and 1 broken arm. Saves you the pain of the crash.
  • DJI Chargeless Controller - comes with a broken micro USB port
  • DJI WTH - takes the guesswork out of what made the drone crash. They send you an already crashed drone.
  • DJI Faileron - wont fly straight no matter how many times you calibrate
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DJI Jello - Jello Effect built in
DJI Overload - Comes with a gimbal that twitches and sputters
wait for it.....
......................................wait for it
..................................................................wait for it

Whip.! DJI Whip.!

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DJI Crash Meister - because everyone knows Germans have the best tec
DJI Voyer - call it what the media thinks
DJI Aggressor - with a 1"CCD, 20x optical zoom and a 2kg C4 payload - the terrorists special
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* Dji Flame - an advanced Spark.

* Dji Meteor - falls like a meteor. It includes the brick-mid-air package (available via update too).
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A few more

DJI Auger - Makes a nice hole in the ground

DJI 0neway - Flyaway Version

DJI Swirl - Performs a perfect toiletl bowl effect on its own if compass wont calibrate

DJI Smash - comes in sport mode only. No p mode available
DJI Click Bait Pro
DJI Nanny Ho
DJI Hit You
DJI Active Flaw
DJI Go 4ever
DJI Beta Platinum

All are self explanatory.
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