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new pilot woes


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Mar 19, 2024
So I purchased a mavic 3 pro recently with the thoughts of going into business. Well DJI torpedoed that idea without a SDK, Litchi doesn't work for creating a waypoint map. can be used but is not exactly intuitive. Then I seen a video of fpv using goggles, so I looked and found Goggles 2 and ordered them from amazon. Not so fast Sherlock, you need to use the motion controller with this (not really but it bitched enough about not binding the controller). In the mean time, RC Pro was looking pretty good. So out came the CC and amazon is slightly more wealthy and I'm more poor. And it's a shitshow. Finally get the radio bound to my Mavic 3 but no request for the motion controller to be bound to the drone. DJI really need to work on compatibility on there devices. There is no reason I should be jumping through hoops in order to connect a set of goggles (through my phone? like really?) and possibly a motion controller which I REALLY didn't need. btw the motion controller is still not linked. not sure how to proceed at the moment.
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Welcome to the Forum:
Well- I wish you would have come to the forum sooner. You said you Purchased the Mavic 3 for business and to use with Litchi.:. It is well known that DJI will not release series 3 SDK and that Litchi is off the Table.
Research is your friend in the Drone universe. there is a wealth of great YouTube videos as well as many Websites dedicated to Helping Other Drone Owners. This one is one of the best for the Mavic.
What would you be flying FPV for? The same business or fun?
The members here can help you with your problems if you can tell us specifically what you are trying to do and how you did all this. I or other Members would be happy to help you if we can.
If you are still wanting to have a Drone business and use Litchi: You can purchase a Mavic that is compatible dirt cheap on the Ebays.
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