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New USB 3.0 type C Connector needed for M. Pro Remote Controller

Peter Ho

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Jul 1, 2017
I had been flying with my remote on Samsung Note 5 using the provided usb 3 mini connector.

Now that I have upgraded and migrated to Samsung Note 9 a few days ago.... alas! I found that the usb cable from the remote provided is not of USB 3.0 type C which is connectable any side in.

Anyone having this problem cause I may have to use a converter or adapter to slot the mini into the adapter and then into the Note 9.

I am posing this question as purchasing 3rd party cable may cause problem in linking rc to mobile. Of course I can still fly with my note 5 tho it now has no data plan.


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I'd be really surprised if a 3rd party USB cable would not work - only if it's not a real noname junk. :)
Find some better quality cables, for me personally Anker cables are doing well with wide variety of length/cable outer materials/connector types.
Personal note: original Mavick Pro USB-C cable I have had in my box for the remote works fine with my S8.
You get a more robust connection with a normal cable to the bottom full size USB anyway.
Look out for a short one perhaps with 90 degree bend.
You don't have to push the phone right in to the arms, I usually just grip the top third.
Good point 4wd . And you also have the chance to charge the RC from a power bank during flight. I'm planning to order a new cable with 90degree band and proper length for this purpose and also for charging.
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