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New, used, Refurb? My thoughts.

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
Seems like a few times a week, there are members asking advice on whether to buy a new, used or refurbed Mavic. I have bought alot of each and here are some things to consider. Please feel free to chime in.


New - Pros:

  1. Nothing feels as good as brand new.
  2. Full mfg warranty
  3. Possibility of returning it if unsatisfied or drone not working well depending on where you bought it from
  4. Available for Refresh
  5. No need to ask questions about accident or repair history
  6. Quick delivery to your door
New - Cons:
  1. Price is usually quite a bit higher than the other choices
  2. If you don't shop around, you might pay more than at another seller
  3. Sales tax depending on where you are located and if you buy it locally

Used - Pros:

  1. Usually cheaper than new ones
  2. Seller might throw in some accessories for free
  3. Seller might help you get it set up
  4. If you have problems, you can contact the seller directly
  5. Mavic has been flown and you might not have to update it
Used - Cons:
  1. Buyer beware. Sometimes you have to be very careful if buying it from a stranger. There might be hidden faults, accident history, or other issues that the seller might not be sharing with you.
  2. Possibly no mfg warranty left. If the drone is over 6 months since being registered, the majority of components are out of warranty. If you do have a problem, neither the owner nor DJI is responsible, it's all on you. (Of course you can always get it repaired by a reputable shop ;))
  3. No returns if it is a private sale unless it's agreed before finalizing the deal.
  4. Cash only? You will have very little recourse against the seller if you pay cash. Paypal is your friend.
  5. Stolen drone? Hey it's happened. Then you will be out your hard earned money.


Refurbished- Pros:

  1. Good value for the money
  2. Usually same warranty as new unless stated otherwise by the seller
  3. Feels and looks new when you get it (most of the time, sometimes might be a scratch or 2)
  4. You can usually use Paypal
  5. Quick delivery to you door
Refurbished - Cons:
  1. It's not "new" new.
  2. Box might be damaged or not new looking
  3. Most of the time, it is an older model that has been brought back to factory specs. In the Mavic Pros case, it's still the most recent model, so no worries there.

These are just some of the differences I have noted using the different options available. If you are OCD, dont buy used or refurbished. The little scratches or imperfections will keep you awake at night. kidding.

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