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Newbie looking for lessons


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Oct 23, 2018
Hi I just purchased a mavic pro and was wondering if anyone knows of any classes around Toronto (GTA)

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While waiting for available classes for beginners, you may want to try the simulator available on the DJI GO4 app.
The one thing that I did that I found to be the most helpful was to purchase a "toy" drone (Syma X5-SW, $50 on Amazon). The controls are a little different, but it got me used to watching the flight of the drone and orientation versus relying on the electronics. Since it does not have flight control electronics, it forces you to do the flying yourself. Once I flew it for a couple months (I bought extra batteries so I flew about an hour a day), then when I got my Mavic Air, flying it was so much easier.
Find a big open field where there aren't any obstacles to hit. Start out slow and easy. Once you can do a nice smooth figure eight, you can move on bigger and better things.
Beginner mode is your friend. These almost fly themselves. Get to a wide open place, switch on beginner mode. And have fun. There is nothing that will surprise you but for the fact that it is so easy a child could do it.

The cheap drone idea is OK, but it is NOTHING AT ALL like flying a real Mavic class drone. It will only simulate a disabled Mavic at best.
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Youtube is your friend when it comes to learning about drones and flying them. Watch a ton of videos, and then get out there and fly your new bird. They really do fly themselves, and the learning curve is really fast.

If you aren't a bonehead and aren't reckless, you will probably do just fine. As said before, find an large open area as free of persons and other distractions. Remember, it can take off with little input from you and then hover in place. if you make what you think as a wrong move, let go of the controls and it will stay put until you recover. Again, the learning curve is fast so you will get a good feel after 2 or 3 times if that. Good luck whatever you do.
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