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Nice neighbors near my favorite park field.


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Jun 5, 2018
I fly multi-rotor and fixed-wing sUASs, including my Mavic 2 Pro, at several local park fields near my home. Nearly all of my fixed-wing flying is recreational, but I frequently do test and practice flights with my Mavic at the same parks, which I conduct under Part 107 rules. Probably 80% of my flying at the parks is recreational using electric fixed-wing aircraft, which I have about a dozen of and fly as often as possible.

In any case, yesterday I was flying a new PT-17 biplane and an older woman who lives in a house on the opposite side of the road walked over and told me with a big smile on her face how much ”she and her sister have enjoyed watching me fly the last couple of years, and they always come out on the porch to watch.” I was nearly speachless but managed to thank her.

This evening while flying the same PT-17, her younger neighbor stopped by to warn me of a big bird in the area that he was ”afraid would attack my expensive airplane.” In fact I noticed it was a turkey vulture and it noticed that my plane was bigger, faster and more maneuverable than it was (not to mention the PT-17 is screaming yellow), so the bird went elsewhere. In any case I told the man I would have yielded the sky to the bird if there was a need, and thanked him for his concern. He left just before it occurred to me to ask if he wanted to check out the airplane. Again, I was in shock and not thinking clearly.

I'm confused, does this happen to everyone?

I video many of my flights (from the ground, onboard and FPV), so I'm definitely going to make a DVD for the friendly neighbors, if not teach them to fly!

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I can see why they like to watch, nice. 0ROJYyg.png
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