Nice review (also good info about the GO app intelligent mode)

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    Nice review and good info about the GO apps intelligent mode.
    (sorry if it was already posted).

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    Oct 12, 2016
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    Nice review on the flight modes but he blindly believes the Go app when it tells him Sport mode is doing 61 mph. He is clearly going under 45 mph. I had a Mavic flight where the app said 62 mph but Healthydrones confirmed what I could tell by watching how fast the distance changed (having flown there a ton of times and at real speeds up to 70 mph) - the real max speed of my flight was 43.4 mph. It's just a bug in Go - there are many as it is very new hardware. I expect it will take a bit of time to iron out these glitches.
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    I did comment on his page, but this community might know better. Obviously the gimbal calibration was off and I believe that would have been a simple fix.

    More important I felt the 4K video quality wasn't the best. Is this user error? Would it have been better if he shot at 30fps instead of 24? Any other changes to the settings?
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    He did a howto on calibrating the gimbal too.
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