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No 4k 60fps??


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Oct 25, 2016
Anyone know if this can be added via firmware later (if they choose to of course)? I just like the crispiness of 60fps @ 4k.

but not a deal breaker, still ordered mine haha
If they are indeed using the same sensor that can be found in the Sony DSC-RX100 VI camera, then I doubt it can be added, as the camera doesn't support 4K @60fps either. But it's just a guess.
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I'm struggling with this too. Regardless of the other upgrades, it's something the Evo already does. Seems like a bad choice not to support it. It's definitely something to think about.

if your wanting 4k 60fps for fast moving sports or flying this is a massive let down. why dji has done this is anyones guess.
you could just go down and film in 2k 60 Tho but like you say all other drones like the evo already have 4k 60 so this mavic 2 is already behind them in that feature witch has turned me away the new mavic 2.
Yes it seems a bit odd they did not include 4k 60fps. At least on the Mavic 2 Pro version. However as Fireblade mentioned, it is no deal breaker.
Definitively not a deal breaker. I can not find too many applications for the Mavic as an "action camera" - and if in a pinch you need it, simply record 1080p in as much as 120 frames/sec if you want to go nuts and then use a decent post system and up-convert it into 4K footage. This will do at least as well (or better) than the P4P running a downgraded 4K/60fps. So very strongly - that limitation does not matter to me at all.
Wish it had 4K/60fps as well! I think they reserved that function for Phantom and Mavic 3 Pro and Mavic 3D. Or maybe they just wanted to let Autel Evo produce a drone with 1" sensor with 4K/60 FPS? :mad::confused::eek:
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I am so disappointed of DJI. Clearly, they decided to limit the FPS just to keep the phantom series attractive. I owned the P4 Pro but sold it after 6 months as I only used it once to test the video quality, and the quality was awesome, however, the Phantom is the thing of the past, it is so inconvenience to take with you. I am using Mavic Pro for almost a year and I really enjoy the compact size of the drone, I literally taking it with me all the time, the only thing I was waiting and expecting from DJI is to upgrade the camera to 4K 60 FPS, and no, I do not shoot action movies, mostly nature, and current 30FPS is just not enough to capture movements smoothly. I was a loyal customer to DJI since Phantom 1, I even owned the Inspire 1, always trying to get the best image experience, but clearly, the best camera is the one that is always with you. Unfortunately, this time, I decided to order the Autel Evo, not only this compact size drone offers 4K 60FPS, but is also has oled display on the remote, makes it even more convenient to takeoff quickly, and its 50% cheaper! I believe they will leverage the DJI's mistake and gain the market size required to keep up with the competition. Just 2 cents of mine...
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but autel EVO does not have 1 inch if you seek the best quality...
but autel EVO does not have 1 inch if you seek the best quality...
The sensor size is an important factor when you shoot in low light environment, but both cameras provide the same resolution and both are pretty bad shooting at night, in fact, the camera on EVO offers much wider field of view, even wider than P4 PRO! What I seek is smooth 4K videos in 60 FPS which unfortunately the 1 Inch sensor camera on Mavic Pro 2 does not provide. If you are OK to shoot still images only or videos at 1080 then I agree, quality will be better and I would definitely buy Mavic Pro 2. I did research and analyzed the footage from both drones and no doubt, for 4K video EVO is the winner.
To DJI employees and or anyone else on here.

You can add me to the list of people who were bitting their nails in anticipation for the release of the Mavic Pro 2. I even ensured that there was space on my credit card and was ready to buy on launch day as I had assumed that there was no way that they would not have upgraded the processor and sensor to be able to do 4K at 60 FPS.

As such, add my name to the list of people who are not only disappointed but who have chosen to stay with their current Mavic and may even jump ship and get on the EVO drone band wagon as a result of the lack of this upgrade.

Keep in mind that as video composers, we use our drone as only 1 piece of equipment in an array of various different tools when shooting video. A major aspect of my final video editing involves carefully timed slow motion which obviously demands higher FPS in order to produce a nice and beautiful final rendered video at 1080p 23.98 or 29.98 FPS.

So when I'm combining footage from my GoPro (4K, 60 FPS).... it only makes sense that my drone should have compatible footage.

Now the big thing that people who may not be into post video editing might say is this: "Well just shoot in 1080p at 60 FPS since your final output is going to be in 1080p anyways". Aha! Good point however the 2nd biggest thing in post video editing (other than music and clipping and what not) is cropping, panning and zooming. You can't crop, pan and zoom on a 1080p video without a significant drop in quality obviously. As such, for me right now.... the 2.7K 120 FPS on the GoPro Hero 6 is my current gold standard. It allows for up to 10x slow motion at 24 FPS as well as 2 times zoom and crop abilities. To me, it only makes sense that I would have this as an option as well on my drone.

Very very dissapointed in DJI and now seriously considering other drone manufacturers. I hope that perhaps DJI will come out with a Mavic Pro 2 Platinum perhaps in the next 6 to 8 months as I'd be more than happy to wait that long for 4K / 60 FPS or even more importantly the 2.7K at 120 FPS.
2.7K at 60FPS looks great. I've really enjoyed shooting at that rate/resolution and my computer enjoys not editing 4k footage even more! :)
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