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No gimbal side to side


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May 2, 2020
When I’m flying my Mavic Air 2 and tap and drag my finger on my iPhone X screen trying to get the gimbal to look left and right all it does is draw a rectangle on my screen.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
Depends on the mode you're in, but the box is usually for active track and what not.

And on the Air 2 (and likewise the Air 2S), looking left/right is done by rotating the whole craft left/right, the gimbals only movement that's independent of the aircraft orientation is the tilt.
the gimbals only movement that's independent of the aircraft orientation is the tilt.

On windy days, it's neat to tilt / pan the gimbal up to "look over my shoulder" so to speak and get the prop into view to see how much the aircraft is flexing with the breeze while hovering, but the 3 axis gimbal is providing a stable image.

While the drone is sitting on the table, you can use it as PTZ camera and look at stuff.

None of this is practical, just fun to do. :)
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I will have to give that a try someday, cheers, though with an m2p since I don't have an air 2. Does it cause seasickness?

Just wondering, what do you mean by "flexing"?
To me flexing would mean bending, akin to a fishing rod lifting a small weight.
I would be surprised if any bending was large enough to see with the camera but it is not unknown for me to be surprised where these things are concerned. lol

Do you by any chance mean tilting, as in the whole drone tilting? What I normally do for that is switch the gimbal to FPV mode and then turn side on to the wind.
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I guess flexing was a poor choice to describe it.

Bobbing up and down in the wind?

It amazes me the engineering involved to keep the gimbal steady compared to the trees and the aircraft in the sample shot.

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when sitting on the table it can tilt and zoom but I don't thing it can Pan
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Does the up-and-down gimbal motion work every time you try it? Does your drone occasionally lose connection? I had similar issues (no idea why the side-to-side motion was the most impacted, but it was) and the problem turned out to be connection issues caused by the DJI Fly app lagging on my phone (Pixel 3). Turning off battery saver and deleting some old apps to clear up space fixed it.
OP here. Let me ask my question more clearly

how do I get my MA2 camera to pan?
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OP here. Let me ask my question more clearly

how do I get my MA2 camera to pan?

If you just tap the screen and drag, the green box will appear for "spotlight mode".

If you place your finger on the screen for a moment and leave it without dragging, a grid will pop up on the bottom and side of the camera view indicating the amount of degrees the gimbal is tilted.

While your finger is still on screen and the grid showing, drag your finger around the screen and the gimbal should move. When the finger is removed, the gimbal will stay there until you reset the gimbal using the Fn button on the remote if it's set up to do so.
Page 28 of the user manual for reference....

June 24, 2023 54529 AM EDT.png


...(EDIT) Or long press on the screen again to control the camera.

This feature may be useful if wanting to film something, like a rock face, without having to fly the drone.

Just park the drone, let it hover and scan the area with the camera / gimbal by using the touch screen option.


Another note...the gimbal speed will respond to the dragging of the finger across the screen.

If using a small device like a phone, you may not notice it.

Flying with a tablet and the large surface area of finger dragging it provides, the movements can be fine tuned by slowly moving your finger around the screen to look at something.

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