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No longer allowed to fly in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

In Spain around half of the territory out of controlled airspace is a ZEPA, wich is a no fly zone basically.

No fly zones will increase over time till the day you'll have to pay to fly your drone. You don't want to comply? Say hello to RID.
I didn't know that ZEPAs were no fly zones. I flew in them countless times no issues!

I really, really hope that what you describe will not be the case, that drones will be more free as the time progresses, as people will get more familiar with the now new tech.
As of a few months ago, Las Vegas area drone fliers were allowed to fly in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (RRCCA). The park is a BLM and seems to have been a rare exception to allowing drone flying for recreational purposes. Still the park website in the FAQ section says:

Is flying a drone allowed at Red Rock Canyon?
Yes, visitors can fly drones for recreational purposes at Red Rock Canyon. Please do not disturb wildlife or visitors while flying your drone.
Visitors are prohibited from launching and landing drones and other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Red Rock Canyon's Wilderness Areas (La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area & Rainbow Mountain Wilderness Area).
The Las Vegas Soaring Club also has flying space nearby. To find out more information, please visit

We were in the green spot, the 2 wildernesses mentioned above are approx. in the red areas. Keeping the drone in LOS would keep us well away from the red areas. Unless the Rainbow Wilderness Area extends all the way to the road.

View attachment 157880

Recently I took a newbie flyer out to go over to basics in flying to RRCCA. He picked up a Mavic 3 Pro Cine for $3.2k (so jealous) There is a parking lot next to the Scenic Loop exit to the park that is generally not busy if not empty. The area is void of visitors, hikers and wildlife. And no obstacles over 10'. Perfect to show a newbie how to fly and get used to his controls. I often go there to refresh myself on some of the features and to practice.

After we went through 2 batteries and just lifted off with the 3rd battery a park ranger walked over from the parking lot to inform us that there is no drone flying allowed in the park. She was as pleasant as can be, but you could tell she was poised for a confrontation. I remained calm, polite and asked her when did that change? The ranger let me know it was discussed and decided upon a month or so ago. I told her that I had just looked at the site a month ago and the site still clearly states what I copied above. She of course said she is doing her do diligence as per her superiors but suggested I walk over 100 yards to the easement where it is no longer park property, and that she will let her people know to double check the website. I thanked her and we spent the 3rd battery from the easement.

When I had a chance to look up the FAQ, it still showed the same statement. And we were no where near the 2 wilderness areas mentioned. I then looked up the exact spot we were at on Airloft and it showed all green. When you click on the mission, it already says approved before you enter anything in. However there was a warning message in the green signal that when clicked on said:

BLM Wilderness Areas
This is a wilderness area. Drone use (commercial and personal) is prohibited within all wilderness areas.View attachment 157879

In the end, it seems despite the "okay" from the official park website, we are not allowed to fly this BLM now. At one time I believe there was a sign at the entrance stating drone use is okay, just be courteous - or something similar. Sad that some of the most scenic places in this country are no fly zones. I get why, but sad none the less.
Just so you know, the warning about the wilderness area states that it is 1.75 miles away from the point selected in the app. So you were very unlikely to be in the area within the boundaries of the wilderness area.
I was just out today saw rangers they saw me no problems at all.I inquired about not being able to fly there anymore I was told by 3 different employees that flying drones was still allowed.They have not heard anything different
It appears this particular park ranger exercised an authority over drones at an area (clearly within BLM land) that didn't prohibit them. This happened right at the exit next to the main road. I bet it would not have happened inside Red Rock Canyon.
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I was just out today saw rangers they saw me no problems at all.I inquired about not being able to fly there anymore I was told by 3 different employees that flying drones was still allowed.They have not heard anything different
I’m in the camp of a visitor complained and the Ranger responded without knowledge of the drone rules.

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