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NULL photo mode - Watch out for this lest you lose your shots


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Aug 31, 2018
My M2P fell into a photo mode on the last day of my trip where it did not save any photos (I shoot in DNG). Of course I didn't discover this until I got home and was downloading the last day's files. The videos were saved OK, just not the photos. Luckily I can grab screen shots of the video if I need stills.

At the time I noticed the shutter release button on the app contained a rectangular outline, but I failed to investigate why at the time - that icon was apparently an indication of this null mode as none of the other photo modes use a rectangular outline; single photo uses no icon within the orange button at all.

(I thought maybe this was due to the fact that in transferring files to my SSD the previous day I accidently copied the files from the origin folder on the microSD to one folder up, before restoring them and copying them off the card to the disk. I know I had problems last year when I formatted the card using my Mac instead of while in the drone. But I don't know if this was the case of not.)

This morning I formatted the card in the M2P and took off to test. I noticed the photo button again had the rectangle. I took a test shot. I opened photo settings and reselected Single shot. Now the button had no icon; I took a few more test shots and video. On examining the files on the card with my computer after landing, the shot taken with the rectangular icon was not saved, the others were as usual as were the videos.

So, I guess it was some sort of glitch, but wanted to caution everyone to pay attention to the photo button and if you see an icon you don't expect, reset your options.
Do you possibly know what you did to trigger the bug? (perhaps after a firmware upgrade, or a fresh install of DJI GO and first time use on the mobile device, etc) Can you reproduce the bug and set the camera to this NULL photo mode again?

I have a feeling I've lost some photos myself this way, photos taken that didn't end up on either the SD card or internal storage. But at the time it was just test photos and I didn't look further into it.
Do you possibly know what you did to trigger the bug?

This happened right after I moved files around on the microSD card (accidentally, as I stated in my third paragraph, above) while transferring to my MacBook Pro. I put all the files back in their original locations. The next time I flew was when this null mode first manifested. Don't know if that's what actually caused it, but I do know the one time I formatted the microSD card in my Mac, the M2P refused to recognize it. I haven't tried to reproduce the bug.
Another potential gotcha, for some reason and I've not been able reproduce is that the camera on the M2P reverted to JPG only after temporarily putting the SD card into the Smart Controller from the Mavic, never noticed it until too late! Since then I avoid removing the card from the Mavic until the shoots are complete now for that reason.
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