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Dec 1, 2017
Bullhead City, Arizona, USA
My Mavic Pro Platinum is my first ever drone.

I have three options for a RC display and I would like to get your input please. It may be like the Ford vs Chevrolet; never ending.

My options are:
Newest - Samsung Galaxy S7
In the middle - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
Oldest - iPad Air (not 2 or any other version)

The iPad Air has the largest screen, then the Tab 4 then The S7
Is the iPad air processor fast enough to keep up with the data flow?

Which would be the better display to use and why?

Thanks for your thoughts
I would go for the iPad from what I’ve seen in here people have less problems with them than android devices

I will probably start with the Air as it has the larger screen. Bought the Mavic Pro Platinum and got it two days before coming to New England for Christmas. I have seen two days with temperatures above 32 F. For someone who has acclimated to Arizona temperatures this is "completely unacceptable" :)
Next three days Daytime highs are 15, 6, 9 Friday we go back to warmer weather.
Friday, Sat & Sun it's 77, 75, 73

Thanks for the feedback
I have used an S6 then an S7 without any connection issue's for 7 months ...... I don't use either anymore as I have a crystalsky as I don't want to use my phone for my drone.

As for Apple depending on your GO4 version you may need to be running the latest IOS.
The first gen Air will do just fine - much better than the Tab 4, anyway. Just be aware that it won't have GPS location information if it's the WiFi only model.

If you launch the app while connected to WiFi, you can download maps for offline use in the DJI Go app.
I use the S7 and it's hard to see anything so have ordered a sun hood. App force quit once but I opened it and all ok... although it said it was still recordimg it wasnt writing to disk!!!!

My iPad4 is too old!!! Won't install ios11.. so frustrated with Apple these days....
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