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Outer Banks


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May 24, 2018
Headed to Outer Banks NC tomorrow. Can’t wait to get some footage from the Mavic. Any info on flying over the ocean or this area? I hope to keep it dry.
I have flown at Emerald Isle, south of the Outer Banks, and had no issue but I think NC is making it tougher for drones. Keep it high and folks won't even know you are around.
The NC Coast is a gem a lot of us on the left coast aren't aware of. 80 degree ocean temp...:cool:
Be aware that if you go down to Hatteras Island, the majority of that is part of the National Seashore. You can't fly there. Otherwise, check out AirMap.

Check the weather too. Lots of rain still through at least Tuesday. The rest of the week looks better until Saturday.
Thanks guys haven’t got to fly weather has been bad. I fixed a drop rig to fish with as soon as the weather turns to sun.
I will be going to OBX in the summer months and looking to bring my Mavic Pro along. I am aware of the national park/forest/protected area no fly zones, but is there anything else to be aware of.

I believe we are staying near Kitty Hawk on the bay side (seems to be a Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve) that takes up most of the area so I might have to drive to some areas. Beach and Atlantic seem free of any NPS entity, but outside of hand launching im sure I wouldn't be allowed to launch from the beach as its public property? I am sort of confused on reading these NC drone laws. The law I am referring too is:

Launch & Recovery SitesIt is illegal to launch or recover a UAS from either private or state property without the consent of the property's owner (N.C. G.S. 15A-300.2). Local and federal property have their own laws and regulations governing the launch and recovery of UAS.

Checking AirpMap it looks like I should be good federally with a special use air space off the coast a bit, so I am guessing the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve is not a NPS), but still not sure how that is regulated

I noticed that NCDOT requires permits for people flying under part 107. If I choose to fly under Part 107 I need to sign up and pass a knowledge exam through NCDOT (which I did) and can get a commercial permit good for up to 2 years. I went through this process, a recreational flyer is not required but encouraged to do this.

It seems like NC has some different drone specific rules to use compared to PA. Is there anything else I am missing?

I am going on a trip with family so the less hassle I can avoid the better, or better yet someone trying to confiscate my drone. I want to do everything by the book as a part 107 holder
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Confirmed to Kitty Hawk in August, can anyone more close to NC drone laws chime in on the above question?

Also, any good spots to surf fish, will be taking kayaks as well for the sound
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