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    I suspect that many of us shoot video with non-drone cameras and I just wanted to mention that I picked up the new Panasonic G85 M43 4K camera earlier this week. I did some initial testing using mostly default settings to get a baseline before making more advanced adjustments. So, in the YouTube video that I link here I take the camera to one of my favorite places in the Salt Lake valley area, an abandoned mine processing facility that stopped operation more than 90 years ago.

    As a bonus I included a few minutes of drone footage from my Inspire 1 Pro. I spend the first 7 minutes going over the plan and some of the issues associated with it and then the field footage begins at about 7 minutes if you want to skip the part where I babble on. The drone footage comes after the G85 footage and is there to provide a point of comparison as well as an aerial perspective of this really neat place. The video is in 4K for those that have a 4K monitor.

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