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Pixerlation issues with cs monitor


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Oct 22, 2017
Hey guys I am running the latest firmware for my cs monitor however as far as I can remember, the last two firmware updates had the same issue. can someone explain why this is happening? Is dji aware of the issue? Does it happen when the cs monitor gets hot? I am trying to wrap my head around this, can you tell me what you guys are doing to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.
Go into your settings and you can change the image transmission frequency and quality. I am starting to experiment with these and have noticed a difference
Thank you easy, I appreciate your help. I was flying today and it started happening again. I cleared the cache and noticed an improvement as well
My solution was to go to a high quality short USB A to C cable running from the type C connector at the bottom of the CS to the USB port at the bottom of your remote. (CS 7.85UB)
Hey Mark thanks for the advice, I am not sure if it may be the USB C cable with my issue, I have three of the same USB cables, my thinking is all won't be bad. But I will do some swapping to see if it gets better. Is DJI saying anything about this? I could only remember this problem starting with the last two firmware updates and not before on the CS 7.85.
There is a new firmware update, must have just come out Sept. It was a required update for me, seemed to be okay.
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