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Problem Transferring Photo Files to Computer


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Apr 9, 2017
I have successfully downloaded jpg files from from my Mavic to my iPhone using the DJI GO 4 app and transferred them to my Mac using Photo Stream. However, when I connect my Mac directly to the Mavic USB port, using the micro USB cable, I can open find the jpg and mov files but cannot transfer them to my Mac and open them. I get the following message
The file “DJI_0042.JPG” could not be opened.
It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize.

This is true for all the files, including those successfully transferred using the DJI GO app. I have scanned the forums and have not found this problem discussed. Any suggestions?
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Hi! im having a problem here. while im recording videos in my mavic, got pop up "cache not found". when i open dji go apps to auto edit videos, my recent videos dont have. but when i connect via usb to my notebook, have. pleease someone. im not good in manual editing
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microSD card reader allowed me to transfer the photos to my computer successfully. Thanks. I do not, however, understand why connecting the drone to the computer with the cable does not work.
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It could be the cable, not all cables are of equal capabilities.
Some are just "charging cables", and some are true sync/data cables.
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Try removing the microSD card from the drone and use a USB card reader.

Yep, it's the best way.
Sometimes I ask myself why DJI didn't include a SD card reader with the Mavic... I giggle when I use the USB card reader which came with my first cheapo no-gps, no RTH, 2Mp camera drone :)
BTW it's in my signature
Probably because most computers have a SD reader built in and like my iPhone is syns automatically with the iPad, MacAir and MacMini computers.
I have the same problem intermittently. The Mac does to always respond to the Mavic Pro. It can take a couple of attempts. Secondly the actual download is very very slow. Way slower than my SLR.
I found a third party cable was more reliable than the cable supplied by DJI. This function has not been properly sorted at all.

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