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Problems after Firmware update on MPP

Papa Echo

Jan 15, 2019
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Two years ago I purchased the Mavic Pro Platinum (MPP) together with the white DJI goggles. I was running it with the DJI Go 4 app 4.3.1 and the firmware 1.04.0000 on the MPP. Everything worked for almost two years and I never updated.
After an update of my iPhone to IOS 13.1 the DJI Go 4 app always crashed when I started the app. So I updated the app to 4.3.24. After that I couldn’t switch to sport mode. So I decided to update the MPP, the controller and the goggles to 1.04.0500 also. Later I found out that the updated app had changed some settings in the app.

Since then I have severe problems. On my first flight after the update the flight was not recorded, neither on the Micro SD card in the MPP nor in my iPhone in the DJI Go 4 app. I am absolutely sure that I started recording and the small red button in the OSD showed that I am recording.
On the second flight the video was recorded, but mid-flight I had a message for some seconds that the connection was lost. Then a new video was recorded, although the first file was only 2GB big. I also got two videos on my iPhone.
On the third flight I turned on head tracking and started recording before takeoff. A few seconds after takeoff the gimbal was obviously reset (it made the typical movements) and head tracking stopped working. So I turned it on again. The small red button in the OSD showed that I am recording. Unfortunately the flight was not recorded, also in the Go 4 app.

What can I do to get a reliable MPP again?