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Professional Drone Pilot Course in Spain - Beware

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I just thought I would let potential drone pilots who wish to complete a professional course with World Aviation, Malaga & Madrid in Spain to be aware of some issues with this company. Please note that this is only available online for apart from the few hours over a couple of days actually at the centres in Malaga & Madrid.

After initially signing up and paying for the course (Mavic Pro) I was send the incorrect “manual” for the drone I was going to be certified for on starting to take that section of the examinations I got a number of questions wrong. I would have had the correct answers to the questions if their questions had been for the manual I had from them but my questions were for the wrong drone and manual. When I pointed this out I received the correct manual and was informed that the information was the same BUT that is not the case as they are two different drones with different specifications - if it was the same WHY are there two manuals!! Once getting the correct manual I passed their questions for that section of the course.

I noticed that there were in other parts of the examinations some incorrect and some of multiple answers were not in the correct order, like where it said “all the above” when this was say an “a“ or “b” where it should have been “d” for that answer location. I also found that some of the questions did not match the answers so interpreting and getting the correct answer was difficult. On pointing this out to them I did not get a reply. I did find that it was very difficult continuing with the course and requested it be cancelled and given a refund.

I really wanted to have a qualification, insurance and medical to make sure I was competent and properly trained to fly my personal (non commercial) drone. I paid 1000 € for the course but I said that I also wanted to have certification for a slightly larger drone Phantom (still under 5 kg) that operates exactly same software and from the same manufacturer.

On restarting the course online I still have not received the manual for the other drone I was going to be certificated or a reply so I downloaded it myself from the manufacturers website. I noticed that none of my questions for that particular drone were related to the other drone, only for the original one.

While doing the online sections I found it very difficult (I have dyslexia) as it was not possible to print anything out or cut and paste and every few minutes was locked out and had to keep logging back in. I did ask if I would have some of it in manual form but was told no!! Also when I completed each exam section I wrote to the tutor via the “contact tutor” section to make some comments or ask a question - I have NEVER received a reply or comment to this day.

After completing a few sections I decided that this was not acceptable and I was going to finish completely. I contact the school contact (not the tutor) I had and after few days a reply that they have decided NOT to give me a refund and I could take as long as I wanted to complete the online sections.

The school informed me that the required medical would be around 80 € but when I contacted the doctor he said it would be 175 € because I needed extra tests including for drugs!!! Also because I have cancer I needed all health issues examined. I did not realise that I would have to have a medical (presumably at the same cost) every year so for s hobby pilot that was along with the hundreds of euros for the compulsory insurance was going to get very expensive.

I have sent a number of emails regarding my comments to them via email and they just completely ignore my emails and will not give me any reply or make any offer of even a partial refund.

So my final point for any potential drone pilot who wishes to take this course with World Aviation, Malaga & Madrid in Spain is make sure you have all the facts before parting with your money as if anything goes wrong you are on your own!!!!!!